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English for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day

Nyelv AngolAngol
Könyv Puha kötésű
Könyv English for Everyone Junior 5 Words a Day
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Kiadó Dorling Kindersley Ltd, március 2021
Help your child master the English vocabulary with this beautifully illustrated dictionary!An essent... Teljes leírás
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Help your child master the English vocabulary with this beautifully illustrated dictionary!An essential vocabulary builder for young children that teaches and tests five new words each day, for five days a week, over one year. Packed full of useful everyday vocabulary, this visual reference book will capture the imagination of little learners and encourage a love for learning their first English words. The book presents your child with 5 new words to learn and practise each day for four days, then tests these words through a variety of interactive exercises on day five.Over the course of one year, your child will build up a vocabulary of more than 1000 English words. From colours, numbers, fruits and toys to animals, sports, clothes and weather, just about every subject in the English language is covered in eye-catching, illustrative detail. Incredibly easy to use, it includes daily "test yourself" activities with cleverly designed flaps which hide the words your child has just learned and helps fix those words in their memory.Discover the perfect introduction to English for children aged 6-9. It contains everything a child needs to acquire a firm grasp of English in a fun and interactive way:- Teaches over 1,000 commonly used English words- Beautiful illustrations accompany stimulating and entertaining activities- Follows the same visual methodology as the rest of the English for Everyone series- Structured in clear sections based around a theme (e.g. toys, food and drink, school)5 New Words a DayThis unique study aid encourages parents, teachers and children to work together as a team to grasp all aspects of the English language, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling.It's also a great English teaching resource for anyone teaching English lessons for kids. It's suitable as a workbook for children preparing for the Cambridge English and Trinity GESE exams. Complete the Series:The English for Everyone series is a wonderful study guide for children to take their first steps towards learning English as a foreign language.Practise phrasal verbs and understand their meanings in English For Everyone: Phrasal Verbs.

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